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We are always accepting volunteers 18 yrs and older, if anyone underage would like to volunteer a parent consent and waiver must be filled out and followed up with our director.

Tickets go on sale at 7:00pm and the ticket booth closes at 11:30 with the Haunt closing at midnight

Volunteer shifts are for a full night. There are no split shifts available in one night. All rules regarding volunteering will be addressed at our volunteer meetings.

When you commit to volunteer for a specific time, you must maintain your commitment. We are counting on your participation to be able to have the best Haunted attraction in the CSRA. You are committing to be a valuable member of a great team! If you have any questions or concerns for us please comment below. We are looking forward to a great season!

Please fill out the form below and select your areas of interest.

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* Construction volunteers may be contacted any time between now and haunt opening.